meet the team

Our team is always ready to collaborate. If you have a question or idea, please email us directly or visit the contact page.


tracy brumfield, founder and Executive director

After overcoming addiction, homelessness and incarceration, Tracy created RISE to empower those behind bars with the resources and information. She is now working on audience expansion and additional reentry programs for the nonprofit.


emma jenkins, editor-in-chief

Emma was affected personally by the heroin epidemic after losing a childhood friend to an overdose. She joined RISE in 2017 with the hopes of creating change through storytelling, and she now oversees the production of print and digital.


chelsie walter, lead designer

Sal Headshot.JPG

Salvador mendoza, scripps howard communications intern

ian leblanc, copy editor


Amara Agomuo, Writer


Le thompson, Writer


Anna hayes, Writer

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Kenny Bostick, Writer