Art for All People

For people struggling with addiction, pain and loss, finding a creative outlet can prove difficult — often due to lack of access or resources.

Art For All People addresses this issue. Founded in 2011 by Sarah Hellmann, the organization offers access to the arts to those in need.

“Our goal is to promote healing and reassert a sense of hope through the art-making process and trusting relationships,” Hellman said. “Art for All People brings the arts to people who are marginalized in the community.”

Addiction Services Council Offers 24/7 Help

If you’re in recovery, Addiction Services Council (ASC) knows people in recovery might need help at any time.

At Addiction Services Council, this means always being available for calls, helping others get an ID, or providing referrals and information regarding local substance abuse treatment services. Its help lines are available 24/7.

A Helping Hand

Recovery from addiction can be a scary path to walk alone. That’s why The HOPE Community Center for Mental Wellness created its peer mentoring program.

The program provides free mentoring for Clermont County residents suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Mentors assist with basic needs: housing, clothing, food and insurance. Mentors are also willing to attend 12-step and support meetings, as well as assist individuals with treatment and connect them to long-term sponsors.  

Finding Hope in Recovery

I believe the opposite of hope is fear. I knew if I could nally allow myself to feel hopeful again, I could be fearless in my recovery. I was no longer going to be a slave to my addiction, and I wasn’t willing to let it take over my life again. I did all the things I had been too afraid to do before. They say in recovery all you have to change is everything, and for me that was true.