My loyalty runs deep

So deep I sometimes feel weak

Searching and looking for love

You’ll never find in these mean streets

When I’m sitting in a cell

All I think about is you

Wondering do you miss me

As much as I miss you

I post pictures on the waLl

I’m watching you in the midst of it all

Thinking how can I get to you

When I can’t make that one call

Please, lord, save me

From this mental slavery

I’m trapped in this cell

So I’m thinking bout you daily

You took me from my kids

You took me from my family

What more do you want from me

All you wanna do is jam me

Please, lord, forgive me

And remove all my enemies

All I need is you

The streets lead me to penitentiary

I’m digging my own grave

Thinking I’m chasing my dreams

But I’m really in a maze