Arizona Business Owner Advocates for Tribal Housing

Andreas Pasqual /  photo provided

Andreas Pasqual / photo provided

Andreas Pasqual worked for an Arizona housing authority for 15 years before catching a felony charge on his second DUI. Pasqual never envisioned himself going to prison, but his struggles with alcoholism brought him to a new bottom.

After serving a one-year sentence, Pasqual walked away with a tainted record and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his experiences behind bars. After receiving treatment for the PTSD, Pasqual was ashamed to go back to his old company, and he foresaw complications with his record. So, he decided to start his own.

“Creating your own company doesn't require a background check," Pasqual says. With his extensive housing industry history and a chip on his shoulder, Pasqual created an LLC, Pasqual Tribal Housing Consultants, a company that tells his continuing story .

"I help people on both sides of the fence now. I help small businesses that want to do business with the government and I help government programs to enhance [themselves]," he says.

Working around his tribal community is integral to Pasqual’s operations, an d his ultimate goal is to become the leader of Indian Housing in Arizona and all of the U.S. Southwest.

Although his past experiences haven’t been pleasant, Pasqual is grateful for what he went through. His time inside helped him learn to relate with and help more people than ever before. He even stays in contact with some of the men he met in prison. Supporting them with advice and an listening ear, he hopes to help them navigate their own ways in life.

Pasqual is living proof that it is possible to turn bad experiences into positive situations. He is now two-years clean and Pasqual Tribal Housing is thriving.

"There are underused grants to benefit veterans to senior citizens to people with behavioral or substance abuse issues. So it is possible to get away from your past.”

To learn more about Andreas Pasqual and his company, Pasqual Tribal Housing, visit or call 480-490-8180