Alcoholics Anonymous Around the Clock

Since the 1940s, The Greater Cincinnati Intergroup Council has provided services and support to those struggling with alcoholism and addiction. The organization offers informative literature, meeting/event schedules, hotlines, sobriety coins and other resources for all six of Greater Cincinnati's Alcoholics Anonymous Clubhouses.

Among the six Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) clubhouses, there are 745 meetings meetings a week, including network ones in Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. Some meetings start as early as 6 am and some as late as midnight. This breadth of geographical area and time helps the ever-growing program accommodate as many people as possible.


There are no formal membership processes or fees required to attend AA meetings — only a desire to stop drinking or using substances. At in-person meetings, men and women gather to share common experiences, grow as people, and stay sober together.

John, Office Manager of The Intergroup Council, has worked for the organization for over two years, but he is not new to AA. A recovering alcoholic himself, John has first-hand experience attending meetings and has personally reached 28 years of sobriety through the program. Consequently,, he is an encyclopedia when it comes to AA, and wanted to highlight one of its most valuable resources: the 24-hour phone line.

This help line is staffed with volunteers who provide support, counseling and information about AA, treatment, detox centers, homeless shelters and more.

“A lot of times alcoholics don't call for help during regular business hours,” says John, who emphasises the importance of a service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

No matter where you’re at or what time of day it is, recovery options are available to you. The Intergroup Council even offers Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at incarceration facilities in Hamilton, Warren and Clermont counties.

The number to the 24-hour phone line is 513-351-0422.All AA meeting times are listed at You can search for meetings using your address or zip code or find online meeting resources here too. Additionally, you can visit The Intergroup Council at 2300 Florence Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, which you’ll find near a bus line stop

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