Window Cell Dreams

Art and article by: Rosemary

As I sit here and look out the window, I begin to close my eyes and let my imagination start to take hold. I imagine feeling the raindrops falling on my skin. I lift my head and open my mouth just to embrace the coolness of the rain. I lift my arms up, hoping to feel the breeze rush against my bare skin. I couldn’t imagine a better feeling right now. I look to the right of me, then to the left. Then I begin to smile because the little children are playing without a care in the world. If only I could be that innocent again.

Then reality sets in. I open my eyes and realize it was all just a dream I played in my head. There are no children beside me, no raindrops falling on me, no breeze flowing on my skin other than that cold air pushing through them vents. The children I imagined are my fellow cellmates enjoying a game of cards. So many different personalities, so many different lifestyles. Everyone has a story to tell.

We are all individuals, but treated as one. We all look out the window waiting for the day to come when we set foot on that soil, feel that warmth on our skin. Everything we take for granted has become a luxury.

Life is a mystery that we wish we could solve, but as we sit here day in and day out, we can only hope to find these hidden pathways, so we can get to the end and finish this chapter in our book.

My next chapter will keep you going, keep you wondering what is going to happen next, but for some, their chapters will just keep recycling over and over. They have the same characters, and until these characters change or die off, the cycle will remain the same. We all need to learn to introduce new characters into our chapters. We need to realize them new characters could become blessings, and we won’t know it until we open our eyes and hearts. I know now this is not my end, for my pages will become filled with many more new stories until my book is complete.