Demon Slayer [Poem]

By: Angel

Fights with the beast inside
I let it trip me up but I tried!
I could run, I couldn’t hide...

I tripped and fell
My demons sent me through Hell.
I wanted to scream for help

I can’t do this myself!
I thought I needed you to show me how
But I know now...

I’ve got to battle these demons alone.
Just answer the phone
I need to talk to you!

Can’t be numb anymore so...
Most times I don’t know what to do.
I know I have missed you so

Now I beg of the heroin
Please just let me go!

For I have found several reasons to live
Daughter, Mom, Brother, Sister, Friend

Myself I forgive...
These demons I must slay
This mental holocaust must go away!

Heroin I don’t need your isolation
I just need some inspiration
I let you go with hesitation

But now I’ve found my motivation
I have KILLED your manifestation!