All About the Journey

This issue is all about transportation, which can be a huge barrier to getting and keeping a job. While some people can just get in their car and go, others have to figure out the bus schedules, bike paths, or walking routes to get to their destination. Regardless of your situation, we want to help by creating awareness and working within the community to combat this growing problem.

I grew up in the suburbs, where public transportation was uncommon (or nonexistent), so my exposure to this way of travel was limited.

In college I was exposed to other cultures, lifestyles, and socio-economic backgrounds. But it wasn’t until I went to jail and lived homeless that I realized how much I had really taken for granted. The consequences of a criminal charge cost me a lot, including the mobile freedom of having a car. Once I lost that privilege, it opened my eyes to the struggle many face every day. Instead of a short 15-minute car ride, getting to work took me an hour and a half — each way.

That’s the reality for a lot of people in our community. Transfers, route changes, and late buses can turn a simple task (like getting to the grocery store or doctor’s office) into a huge challenge — especially if you have to take young children, use mobility equipment, or require special needs assistance.

In this issue, you’ll find personal stories about navigating the public transportation system, healthy alternatives to get around, and low-cost places that can help.

We list many great resources in our newspaper, but if you can’t get there, what good are they? I hope you are able to use the tools we provide to rise up, get where you need to go and take care of yourself.