Affording Metro

If you need to get around Cincinnati but don’t own a car, Metro may or may not be the way to go.

Previously, financial assistance was available through the Everybody Rides Metro Foundation. However, the federal grant that funded the foundation expired, leaving people at the poverty level with fewer options. So if you need to use Metro but aren’t sure you can afford the fare, here are some suggestions that might help.

Metro offers a 30-day pass starting at $70. This base cost covers travel within Zone 1 (City of Cincinnati) routes, and pass prices increase for additional zones. According to Metro’s website, “Passes are priced for riding Metro twice a day for 20 days during that period,” so if you ride more than that, the upfront cost will save you money.

However, for people living around the poverty line, coming up with $70 up front to pay for a monthly pass can be difficult.

It appears that strategic budgeting is the only option. If you need to ride Metro, calculate how many times you think you’ll need to ride the bus every week. If you ride every weekday, twice a day, the 30-day pass is the best option (if you can afford the $70 upfront). If you ride less often, paying the fare per ride will be cheapest.