Untitled - A Poem about Recovery

The following is a poem we received from Amanda, who is currently incarcerated. We decided to feature her poem in this issue because we believe sharing your story can be an empowering and rewarding experience. For RISE founder Tracy Brumfield, sharing her story and helping others find their voice was the reason she created this paper.

We hope Amanda’s poem inspires you as much as it inspired us.


By: Amanda

I woke up today and finally felt peace
I feel there is hope within my arm’s reach
I want a new life, and I don’t want to die
It’s ok to feel pain and it’s ok to cry
I feel God in my heart, I’ve missed him for so long
It made me so happy, that I praised him with song
I want to start over, no matter how hard it is
It can’t be as bad as sleeping under a bridge
I’m afraid but brave, so I know I can try
Look at all of the things that I did to get high
It’s not worth the pain and the hurt that I’ve caused
I don’t have to be perfect, it’s ok to have flaws
I’m gonna work hard, even though I am scared
If I just trust in the process, I will leave here prepared