Care for Every Kid

Mental health and substance use can affect an entire family. However, Holly Hill Child & Family Solutions works to prevent this.

Holly Hill provides therapy and treatment to children facing behavioral, emotional, or substance use challenges. It works toward strengthening families through positive, non-judgmental, and collaborative treatment.

“We may be able to help prevent [families] from going down a path that a family historically experiences,” said Derrick Trammel, director of clinical services.

Holly Hill offers two programs for therapy and case management: in-home and school-based.

The in-home program provides therapy and case management for youth at risk of being removed from their home. Many youth who receive services at Holly Hill have been in foster care, have been taken away from their families, or have had a parent who has died.

Many of these children need help with managing grief and loss, as well as anxiety, depression, anger, and trauma, Trammel said.

Many of these challenges can affect children’s schoolwork. Holly Hill provides onsite mental health services at select schools, but can extend services to any child with their school’s permission.

If a parent or guardian has custody, they can call Holly Hill and request treatment for their child. Even if an individual is incarcerated, they can still get a child assistance.

Holly Hill provides mental health counseling and is working to provide counseling for those suffering from substance use disorder. They plan to have 5-6 people on staff that provide drug and alcohol counseling.

Holly Hill focuses on early detection and pre-treatment. Therapists work closely with children and families to set positive goals. However, if a child is facing severe problems, Holly Hill will help them seek additional options.

The earlier a child can talk to someone, the better, Trammel said.

“I think it’s important to recognize the fact that children are directly affected by our choices. Many kids are resilient and can overcome, but it takes the family unit to work on the problem together and not to give up.”