Cincinnati Works

In September, Rich was a panelist at a roundtable discussion of business owners in Cincinnati.

“Because of Cincinnati Works, now I believe I can face anything because I‘m not alone.”

However, before connecting with Cincinnati Works, Rich’s outlook was less hopeful. He was in a halfway house as a condition of parole after a 5-year stint.

He had a job but went to work every day with a list of worries. His children and their mother lived in a home owned by a landlord that didn’t rent to felons. He didn’t have a car or driver’s license. In fact, he hadn’t had a valid license for 17 years, and his driving record was packed with suspensions, blocks, and judgments that resulted in nearly $7,000 in fees that he’d have to pay before he could drive legally.

Rich was understandably frustrated and overwhelmed.

“Let’s gure this out together,” Rich’s coach at Cincinnati Works said. This helped revive hope, and they got to work.

Through Cincinnati Works’ legal coordination services, they partnered with the Legal Aid Society to lay out necessary steps to reinstate Rich’s license. He worked with a financial coach at Cincinnati Works to create a budget and plan to pay off his reinstatement fees for when he’s ready to start payments.

Rich searched tirelessly to find a landlord to rent to him and his family, and he was recently named employee of the month. Things started looking up for Rich. But their new home was much further from the parole office. Rich still didn’t have a license, and missing work was a problem. Cincinnati Works worked with Rich’s P.O. to vouch for remote visits after two more mandatory assessments at the office.

“It’s going to be a lot, but he’s no longer alone.”

Rich still has a lot of work to do — years of parole, thousands of dollars in fees, a suspended license and a felony record. It’s going to be a lot, but he’s no longer alone.