Beyond a Job

Having a job can change your life. I know because when I was homeless and living in my car, it changed mine. Sure, it was a job making minimum wage working in a warehouse all day — but for me it was a big deal. It meant instead of begging for money on the street, I was spending my days earning a paycheck.

It took a few months, but eventually I earned enough money to get an apartment. My boss even gave me an advance so I could pay my security deposit, which meant I didn’t have to live in my car anymore. The people I worked with also chipped in and donated furniture, dishes and even little things like towels and lamps. I worked really hard to prove myself — to them and to my family.

Having the opportunity to work and earn a living, and having the trust of the people around me again, was probably the most important thing that kept me sober. 

I once heard that your rock bottom is when you stop digging. Getting this job helped me put down my shovel and make the choice that I wanted more out of life. I worked hard, began to volunteer, and now I have the opportunity to create this newspaper. I hope it inspires you to also rise up, put down your shovel and start building the life you want for yourself and your family.