You're Not Alone

A few years ago, I became homeless. I was that person you see with a sign asking for help. It was around the holidays, and I was amazed by the generosity of some (a lady stopped to give me a hat, scarf, and sweater), and the indifference of others (most people just looked away).

I hate to admit it, but at times I felt so hopeless, I wanted to give up. But at my lowest point, someone believed in me and offered to help. That might have saved my life. It helped me start believing in myself, and I learned that it’s never too late to start over.

Every issue of RISE is about getting back up again — even at your lowest point. Whether it’s seeking recovery, getting off the streets or finding a job, you can rebuild your life. This issue is about housing, for those who find themselves — for whatever reason — in need of a safe, affordable place to live. We’re here to connect you with the hands of hope in the community.

You are not alone; I believe in you.