Shiloh Grant Provides Necessities for Recovering Addicts

A grant was recently created to help provide recovering addicts with housing, food, and other basic necessities.

The Shiloh Grant was conceived by Tyler Schmidt, head of the Tyler Schmidt Foundation and a former recovery coach and peer mentor at Clermont Recovery Center. After working as a mentor, Schmidt wanted to directly assist those struggling with addiction.

“Out there my job was to help individuals transition out of jail and live a sober life,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt first began the project alone, interviewing potential grant recipients, then working to place them in transitional living. After a few months, Schmidt partnered with Shiloh Methodist Church and together they established funding.

The grant provides those coming out of incarceration or treatment with two weeks of recovery housing and a $50 Kroger gift card.

“We’re able to [sponsor people] whenever the need comes,” Schmidt said. “The past few months we’ve been in the exit pod of the Justice Center.”

15 people have received the grant so far.

“I’m relying on my treatment centers and recovery house people,” Schmidt said. “If they find somebody that meets the criteria [they should] contact me.”

Eligibility requirements for the Shiloh Grant include the following:

  • One must be coming out of a detox treatment center or incarceration

  • Willingness to work a 12-step program

  • Willingness to be transported from the location you’re at to a recovery house

Recovery houses are selected based on what the foundation believes to be the best fit.

“Different houses are stricter than others and are located at different places throughout the Cincinnati area,” Schmidt said. “Based on my experience and what I knew, I tried to pair them up with the best place possible.”


Those interested in the Shiloh Grant can contact Hailey Ryan: 513-763-0074