Finding Employment with a GED

Have a GED, diploma, or degree? Here’s how to turn that piece of paper into a paycheck.

Job requirements: 18+ years old, able to lift 25 pounds, high school diploma/GED or equivalent.

Even when job listings state requirements like these, they aren’t always the only requirements. A clean criminal record, for example, is not usually listed as “required” alongside having a GED, but it can be a deciding factor for employers.

The reality is that getting a job is more challenging than just wanting one, especially when barriers like a criminal record interfere. This can make the job search way more complicated.

However, complicated is not impossible.

In Cincinnati, there are many resources available to help people get back on their feet. In Issue 3 of RISE, the employment issue, we introduced Nehemiah Manufacturing, a company that creates job opportunities for individuals who have challenges finding employment.

If educational barriers in life are making the job hunt difficult, Nehemiah can help.

Katie Schad, Business Manager at Nehemiah, understands the struggle for those who have “a spotty work history, no work history, or a record blemished in some way.”

The majority of employers Nehemiah works with do require a GED, Schad said. However, if you don’t yet have a GED, there are programs available to “‘fast track’ individuals throughout the process,” such as CityLink Center.

“CityLink Center handles child care and financial barriers,” Schad said, so that more people, regardless of obstacles, are able to earn their GED and find employment.

But Nehemiah and CityLink are only a couple resources available in Greater Cincinnati that aim to help people find employment and get a GED. Organizations like IKRON, Cincinnati Works, and the Center for Employment Opportunities also provide people with employment and educational connections.

These organizations, among others, are listed in our Resource Guide.