Addiction Services Council Offers 24/7 Help

Someone is there to pick up the phone.

If you’re in recovery, Addiction Services Council (ASC) knows people in recovery might need help at any time.

At Addiction Services Council, this means always being available for calls, helping others get an ID, or providing referrals and information regarding local substance abuse treatment services. Its help lines are available 24/7.

A community-based organization, ASC provides resources on alcohol, tobacco and other drug-related issues. It aims to serve people with a level of comfort, hope and opportunity to identify and fulfill their needs with confidentiality, respect, dignity, empathy and professionalism.

“We never want someone to go to voicemail,” said Jaime Richardson, Director of Customer Care Services at ASC.

Richardson leads the customer care team, a group of clinically trained professionals that provide service by phone, and has worked at ASC for six years.

“Our approach is proactive,” Richardson said. “We work to remove barriers.”

ASC receives about 22,000 calls each year, and striving to answer every call is part of its approach to best serve the community.

ASC also helps those who don’t have insurance to cover treatment sign up for Medicaid.


Addiction Services Council
2828 Vernon Place
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

24/7 Helplines
Cincinnati: 513-281-7880
Kentucky: 859-415-9280