A Road to Recovery

The Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) is the oldest drug and alcohol treatment facility in Cincinnati. Located near Union Terminal, CAT has been helping people recover from addiction since 1970.

CAT is the closest medically monitored detox facility to downtown Cincinnati. Patients see a nurse every four to six hours.

The organization works to make detox as comfortable as possible to ease withdrawal symptoms. After detox (usually 5-7 days), patients may stay for a 28-day inpatient program. A counselor then helps patients decide whether to transition to a sober, transitional living house or go home.

Patients are able to leave upon choice; CAT is not a lockdown facility. Patients can also work with staff to create a treatment plan for time there and transition out.

After finishing the 28-day program, CAT offers 12 weeks of aftercare. If a patient completes the 12 weeks, CAT holds a graduation ceremony that friends and family may attend.

If one decides medication-assisted treatment is best, CAT has a newly expanded clinic with different treatment options.

CAT is also a non-profit organization, so Hamilton County residents — or anyone currently homeless — may seek treatment. CAT will work with anyone, regardless of insurance situation.

Requirements include a piece of mail with a current address, an ID and any fees that apply when admitted.

Those missing any requirements should contact CAT’s admissions department and ask for help. Everyone at CAT is friendly, understanding and caring to those dealing with addiction.


Center for Addiction Treatment
(513) 381-6672
830 Ezzard Charles Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45214