Untitled - A Poem

By: Amanda

Too many times I took life for granted
Swore I'd get sober, but then I recanted
My life was a game - I didn't care if I lost;
didn't care who would suffer or what that would cost

Now I sit here today, six months sober
Never thought I would make it - I was convinced my life was over

Somehow, I found hope and a new way to live
with the grace of the Lord and strength for my kids

I wake up every day to give thanks and pray
And I'm grateful for life and the gift of each day
I don't take life for granted - people die every day
I should be gone, but God let me stay

So I work very hard and value my life
My heart's full of laughter that used to be strife
If you ask me how I do it, well one day at a time

Nothing is promised, so I pray for more time
I follow suggestions and I trust when I'm scared
And by trusting the process I'm getting prepared
Prepared for a life that I didn't deserve
That's what they said, but today that's absurd

I grow every day and I keep getting better
My life is a miracle and I'll never forget it.