Transport Your Brain Through Meditation

Illustration by Chelsie Walter

Illustration by Chelsie Walter


Nobody can affect your mind if you don't allow it. We are all free to think and feel how we choose. We have about 60,000 thoughts a day! When we are in a negative mindset, our thoughts tend to swing toward the negative, too. So guard your mind and train it by using the following strengthening techniques:

Walking Meditation

Transport your mind with a breath walk. Whether walking around the concrete jungle, out in the park or the slammer, turn your walking into a moving meditation. Match the tempo of your breathing with your steps, and you will build mental clarity.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Lift your eyes and focus on what’s in front of you, not on the ground. 

  2. Feel your feet striking the ground, and the ground pressing back, like a rebound effect.

  3. Match the rhythm of your breath with the footsteps. Count slowly to 4 on inhale, do the same on exhale, for a total of 8 steps per breath. Continue as long as you feel comfortable.

Space Creation

Transport your mind and create mental space with art. The creation of art imagery can help you cope with stress, pain, anger and isolation by forcing yourself to use your “right brain,” or creative side.

Draw a picture of nature that inspires you. Take turns with a partner: one person describes a place outside, the other draws what they imagine is being described. You may or may not have color on your paper, but your mind is more colorful than any palette. Use this picture to create mental imagery and daydream away.

Make a Mantra

Transport your mind by training it. Mantras are repeated, positive statements to focus the mind. Some examples are “I am enough,” “Let it go,” or “Every day is a second chance.” But it’s encouraged to make up your own. Let’s break down the word mantra.

Man — to think (from the root meaning “mind”)

tra — designating tools or instruments
So the literal translation is “instrument of thought.” The purpose of mantra is to deliver your mind to a space or place of your choosing. Use mantra to be in control of your own mind. Hurtful thought come up? Repeat your mantra. Craving to use? Repeat your mantra. Repeat it as if you believe it. Fake it ‘til you make it. What you think about, you feed.