A Step-by-Step Guide to Reaching Your Goals

Illustration by Chelsie Walter

Illustration by Chelsie Walter

Honor and claim your desire to set goals

Set an intention to set goals that serve you. Tell yourself, “I am setting some goals today.” Become aware of how your body and mind respond to your claim. Notice any resistance to your claim: tensions, agitations or negative mindset.  

Set yourself up for success

You might not be able to change your external environment but you can always address your internal environment.  Notice if you are tense (jaw, shoulders, etc…) or if your feet are tapping. Press your feet into the ground, smooth out any tensions, sit upright and take some even breaths through your nose. Repeat a mantra to yourself, for example, “I am clear, I am focused.” Say it even if you don’t feel this way!  Fake it until you make it, right?

Visualize your life

Be detailed. Use more detail than when you have a typical daydream.  Envision your clothing, transportation, community, food, workspace, every small detail, everything. Take your time. Visualize this for at least 5 minutes every day. Let your mind wander and use all of the senses.

Manifest your vision

Sketch it, paint it, write it, sculpt it, rap it….whatever you do, get your mental thoughts into a dense form of energy. Start manifesting your vision into reality today with your creative hand.

Speak your truth

Say your goals out loud to yourself. Share your goals with a trusted person that is supportive of you. Maybe this person can help hold you accountable. Either way, hear your own voice repeat your goals.  Listen to what if feels like to speak positively about your goals. Excited? Remember this feeling (especially when there are setbacks).

Bounce back

Remember, although there will be setbacks, you are the not the setback; you are not the failure. Setbacks are signs to notice that there may be a better way of thinking about your goals.

Revisit your goals often

Post them in a visible or special place. Remind yourself of your goals.  Set a time each day to address/think/visualize the goals. If you miss the time, don’t skip it. Bounce back and get to it!

Work with your Inner Critic

When your inner critical voice becomes loud, saying things like “this is taking too long!” “I’ll never finish this paperwork.” Return to step #1.  Surface your friend voice. How do you want a loved one to talk to you? Use that voice when talking to yourself. This takes practice. Start now.

Every day, in every where, I’m getting better and better.
— Emile Coue