My New Life in Recovery

Illustration by Emma Jenkins

Illustration by Emma Jenkins

Inside my addiction, many things make me suffer.

So many mistakes from which I need to recover.

Dealing with depression, and reminded of the pain,

That’s what makes sobriety a hard thing to maintain.

I fell victim to the pin prick and the warm, soothing chill.

That ended up being my solution for all the things that I feel.

I couldn’t handle the madness that was inside my brain,

So I continued to push the liquid into my veins.

I kept myself inebriated, trying to drown out my thoughts,

But I can’t shake the nostalgia because I want what was lost.

I’m holding onto memories of a life that’s nothing more than a ghost.

Leaving a deep wound from a dull edge, my heart is exposed.

As I’m learning to let go, I gain peace and serenity,

Letting the pain fade away, so my guilts can be set free.

Surrendering myself to my higher power, giving myself a chance to succeed,

I’m on my way down the path to my new life, to my new life in recovery.