How RISE works and
why we need your support!

RISE was inspired by our founder, Tracy Brumfield, who won the 2017 Haile Fellowship grant of $100,000 for this idea. RISE is a monthly newspaper that will be distributed directly inside the jail here in Hamilton County— where a large portion of the population could really benefit from access to social services, drug treatment, housing, and employment opportunities . With the support and cooperation of Sheriff Jim Neil, we are able to bring these life saving resources inside the jail to help inmates plan for re-entry.

Our job, and our grant, is to write, publish, print, and distribute six issues over the course of the next year, and if our efforts help people and make a difference, we’ll apply to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. But until then, RISE has a mission to help as many people as we can. Our budget of $100,000 is used to pay our staff, publish, print, and distribute our paper, and to create and maintain our website.  

The printed resources of RISE newspaper are going to be a great tool for inmates to use while they are incarcerated, but what about right when they get out? Can we add to that and do more? Our team thought long and hard about that question, and together we came up with some pretty great ideas to distribute the following items to individuals right after they are released from the jail: 

NARCAN (naloxone) is a nasal spray that blocks the effects of an opioid and reverses an overdose. Donating here will directly fund the purchase and distribution of this life saving medication.

If you’ve been in jail for over a month, chances are your phone is dead or your service has been shut off. Then you are released, without notice, where do you go from there? Donating here will fund the purchase of prepaid cellphones that will be preprogrammed with all of our re-entry resource information, and offered to those coming out of the Justice Center. Having access to a phone will be an important tool for those seeking social support and employment.

UBER Rides
Transportation is a vital component to security. Donating here will help us offer Uber rides to those coming out of jail to insure that they have a safe and reliable way to get home.

Metro Passes
Access to reliable transportation is extremely important to an individual reentering our community. From job seeking to doctors appointments,  donating here will insure that those reentering have a month-long Metro pass, creating mobility and empowerment.

*These items will be distributed directly by our street team of volunteers; individuals receiving one or more of these items will need to fill out an agreement form and questionairre - providing valuable follow up information. 

Great Ideas, Right? But sadly our budget just can't cover the costs for these additional items, so that's where YOU come in! With your support, we will distribute as many of these life saving items as possible (sorry, we aren't a nonprofit yet, so you can't write it off on your taxes, but you will get a lot of good karma points!). So join us, and help those who want the chance to RISE! Thank you!