RISE = Reenter Into Society Empowered

RISE is a newspaper that provides valuable resource information to currently incarcerated citizens to help them plan for re-entering our community.


Because re-entry services, like safe affordable housing, job readiness, drug treatment, and employment opportunities, are not readily available to those currently incarcerated in our county jail. RISE not only makes these vital resources available, but also inspires its readers with personal stories of hope, success, and empowerment.

Things to know

Jail and prison are very different from each other. Jail is where people go when they have been picked up for a crime and are awaiting trial, and where they serve out short-term sentences (less than a year) for nonviolent and drug-related offenses. Prison is where people go to serve sentences once they have been convicted (often of more severe crimes). The average stay in jail in the Hamilton County Justice Center is about 35 days. Jail time often feels like limbo—there is no access to local resources, and often you don’t know what’s going to happen with your charge. Even if you’re serving a sentence, you don’t know exactly when you’ll be released.

How does this affect you?
And it does—trust us.

The most common reasons for being booked in Hamilton County are: drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, and theft (a lot of time these are also drug-fueled offenses).

On average, there are 84.8 bookings per day in Hamilton County. Our community and economy are affected by the symptoms—and consequences—of both the crimes and the punishments associated with untreated drug addiction: More children go into foster care; we see higher crime rates; we pay more taxes, health premiums go up, and even the prices in our local shops surge thanks to inventory lost to theft.

How Can You Help?

  • Educate yourself, your children, and your peers about the drug epidemic happening in our community.

  • Connect with someone who has recently been released from jail. Normalcy is one of the most effective ways to help someone re-enter into society. It doesn’t need to be about addiction. Just share your time, your story, your attention. And maybe a coffee!

  • Subscribe and stay up-to-date with our stories

  • Volunteer. We can always use more people to help us RISE

  • Help fund our additional projects

Our vision?

We want to help reduce recidivism, help more people into treatment, get returning citizens access to affordable housing, and create lasting connections in the community. Crime, addiction, and poverty may never go away, but our goal is to help those coming out of jail to have more options. More options can bring hope, and having choices often can mean the difference between reoffending or rising up.