Over 75% of individuals released from jail or prison will be rearrested within 5 years of their release. Source: National Institute of Justice

RISE is the first newspaper EVER distributed inside a county jail.

RISE seeks to reduce recidivism (repeat offending) by providing local reentry resource listings to incarcerated individuals to help them prepare for life after release.

Each issue of RISE includes content designed to inspire hope and to empower our readers with knowledge. We include important local resource information, relevant articles, coping techniques, and stories of hope, success, and empowerment. 



Being homeless, unstably housed, or living in a high crime neighborhood all heighten an individual’s risk of reoffending after being released.



Following release, formerly incarcerated persons face barriers to medical care, including costs, stigma, and long waiting times, which may result in lapses or cessation of care.



Ex-prisoners fare poorly in the labor market. In the first year after release, only 55% of formerly incarcerated persons reported any earnings at all, with the median earnings being $10,090.



Incarceration rates and education level are inversely linked. The average 1-year recidivism rate is ~70%, but if a previously incarcerated person gets a bachelor's degree after release, their  chance of reoffending drops to 5.6%.


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